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Welcome to SC Telco Careers  Listed below you will find available career opportunities with SC Telco Federal Credit Union. Please check back regularly as our career section is updated on an as needed basis.  SC Telco Federal Credit Union is an Equal Opportunity Employer.


Available Career Opportunities with SC Telco:

We do not have any career opportunities at this time.

What do our employees think of SC Telco?

“This company makes you feel like family.  It is a great atmosphere to work in.  There are so many people that come into work every day thoroughly enjoying everyinging that they do.  It makes it easy to feel as if you can achieve anything.  They promote from within the company,which brings great opportunity."

“The culture is a well-balanced mix of corporate and family.  Everybody works hard towards common goals, but also understands that their are challenges outside of work that we all deal with.  Personal learning and development are strongly encouraged and career growth opportunities are always expanding as a result of the company's success.”

“SC Telco does a great  job of making the company feel like a family.  Our CEO is just as reachable as the person sitting in the office next to me.  Everyone knows everyone's name and we all care for eachother.”

“A family atmosphere where I feel appreciated and valued as an individual.  Excellent benefits for employees.  Great leadership and administration!”

"The organization truly cares about me, my family and my happiness.  I've worked for companies where you are just a number and at SC Telco, you feel appreciated and are given praise for a job well done."


"They invest in their employoyees development.  They listen to their employees and implement their ideas.  The welcome participation and input.  The give credit where credit is due."

"The organization encourages people to be their best and to work together for the good of themselves, members, and the company.  It is a close group of people, like a family.  The organization stands on it's founding principles."

"The offer great benefits, encourage employee input and are giving back to our community."

"This organization encourages you everyday.  They build on your stregths and allow you to shine."