SC Telco

SC Telco Business Services

what is sc telco?  SC Telco Federal Credit Union is a financially viable credit union committed to improving the financial lives of the members we serve.  Since 1935, we have sought to offer up-to-date products and services in the financial service industry.  We seek to provide a level of service that exceeds our members expectations, every time.

differences you benefit from

  • SC Telco is not for profit, not for charity but for service - we make decisions based on what is best for our members
  • Each member is an equal owner in SC Telco
  • We exist solely to serve our member-owners
  • Unpaid volunteers from the membership serve on the Board of Directors and guide SC Telco
  • As owners, member elect fellow members to serve on the Board of Directors
  • Income is returned to members in the form of higher savings rates, free or low-cost services
  • Our commitment to helping each and every member meet their financial needs and goals