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Do you live on-the-go? With Mobile Banking from SC Telco, now you can bank on-the-go! Mobile Banking gives you access to fast, secure and easy tools--like the new Mobile Banking app for your smartphone or tablet--so you can manage your finances anywhere, anytime!

Check your balance with a quick text message, review recent transactions and transfer funds right from your cell. Our Mobile Banking has industry-leading security and encryption.

Mobile Banking gives you complete control of your family's finances, wherever you are!

If you would like directions on how to sign up go to



Whether you are looking for Simply, Rewards or a Money Market checking account, we have an option for you!  Download our switch kit and it'll give you a step by step guide to switching your checking account.  It's never been easier!

Click here to download the switch kit. 


Our VISA cards give you the power of using the credit you deserve while saving the money you've earned.  You'll enjoy using your SC Telco credit card because we provide flexibility and options for you!


NO Annual Fee | There is no annual fee.  Plain and simple!

NO Cash Advance Fee | If you need some cash from your available credit, we won't charge you a fee for the advance.  Plus, your interest rate will remain the same.

NO Balance Transfer Fee | We allow you to transfer your balances from other credit cards without incurring a fee for the transfer.

25-DAY Grace Period | With a 25-day grace period you have 25 days from the date of your statement to have your bill paid.

Easy Payment Options | Payments are accepted through the mail and at your local branch.  Or you can pay your bill online by clicking here.

Get our Platinum card and get CURewardsTM
Our VISA Platinum card with CURewards allows you to earn one point for every dollar you spend!  Then, visit the CURewards web site by clicking here to redeem the points for merchandise, travel and more!  You'll receive 2,500 bonus points with your first transaction!

If you open a VISA Platinum Credit Card anytime between March 1 - April 30, 2014 you will be entered to win 50,000 CURewards points!  Click here for official rules.

Visa Terms and Conditions

*Some restrictions may apply. Ask for details.

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Sign up for E-Statements

Are you tired of receiving your monthly statements in the mail?  It's time to get your statement online!  There are many benefits to using e-Statements.  They are secure, convenient, accessible and environmentally friendly.  Once you sign up, you will have access to 24 months worth of statements from the time you enroll going forward. 

Want to sign up?  Once you logon to MONEYLINK Online follow these simple directions:

1 | Sign into MONEYLINK Online
2 | Go to the USER SERVICES tab
3 | Select the link E-STATEMENTS ONLY

Remember that SC Telco statements are consolidated and you will have access to all accounts under your designated member number.

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State and Territory Coins are available. 

Call us at (800) 922-0446 for information.
Speak with a Teller or contact our Member Service Center to purchase coins

$3.00 - Per State or Territory
$150.00 - All 50 States
$160.00 - All 50 States plus Collector Box
$168.00 - All 50 States, US Territories & The District of Columbia

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Credit reports and credit scores influence our lives in many ways.  Your history of credit management affects the cost of loans, your ability to rent or buy a home, the insurance rates you are offered, and even your future employment opportunities.  By understanding the world of credit reports, you can create a positive credit standing and good scores so you can achieve your goals quickly and at the least expense.

Reading a credit report is not always easy!  They are full of coded information that can be quite confusing.  Because of this, SC Telco is providing FREE credit check ups.  Stop in today at any of our 7 locations throughout SC and let us review your credit report and your credit score.  Our Member Service Representatives will explain items found on your credit report, review your credit score with you and establish a clear path to an improved credit score.1

1. SC Telco cannot guarantee that your credit score will improve.  An individual's credit score can improve solely on the basis of actions taken by the individual.

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 Isn't it time you told your bank there was someone else? 

Breaking up is never easy, even when you know it is the right thing to do. At SC Telco Federal Credit Union, we think it is time to tell your bank that you do have options! You have options to bank with a local financial institution that is strong! Our members have given us a 99.8% satisfaction rating and we invite you to find out why. As for your bank....well we think its time to tell your bank there is someone else.


Click the Picture above to see one creative way to tell your bank there is someone else!



 Sometimes a frank conversation is the best way to confront the issue. Click above to see how she tells her bank that there is someone else.




Everyone needs the support of someone who has been through a bank break up. Get advice from someone who has been there by clicking above.


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